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The Rosca de Reyes

The traditional Rosca de Reyes

Tweet Christmas season is over and with it, the cuisine delicacies that we have discussed in past entries. Nonetheless, for all of our dear visitors and guests a sweet treat has been offered with hot chocolate or coffee; a baked pastry that is ingrained in many countries and has permeated throughout the layers of corporate… Read More

The Annual Scuba Festivity


Tweet Cozumel is one of the few places where the crystal clear waters grant divers an experience like no other; experiencing the colour and awe that the impressive coral reef and the vivid creatures that inhabit it display. It is clear then that, when people call it an earthly paradise for diving they are not… Read More

The Valiant Mexican Adelitas

The Mexican Adelitas

Tweet The first decade of the 20th Century broke loose with turmoil and changes all over the world; the Russian revolution, conflicts from the New Imperialism, and the setting of the WWI were the voice of chaos rising from onto the second decade of the century in which modern society was forged. Mexico might seem… Read More

The PGA Tour at the Mexican Caribbean

The PGA Tour at th mexican caribbean

Tweet  The fall season has barely started, and for those who believe that fun is exclusively happening in the warm seasons of spring and summer, this paradise will prove you wrong. As part of the many activities and things-to-do during fall at Cancun there are festivities and international sports events that will take over this… Read More

Important note about tourism in Mexico

how to make your ex want you back “A terrible thing what happened in Acapulco, but that's not Mexico” Written by journalist Alberto Pelaez. February 9th, 2013 What has happened in Acapulco is unspeakable. The rape of six Spaniard women is a matter so serious that the offenders should be persecuted and the full weight… Read More

Yucatecan Cuisine: Popular Dishes


how to win back your ex Tweet The Yucatan peninsula, formed by the States of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, is one of the privileged areas in the world whose food is linked to its legends, its landscapes and its history.

Dolphins in your wedding


Tweet  In the past we have talked Cancun and Riviera Maya are great places to spend a vacation, and the perfect scenery to celebrate your wedding. Yet Cancun and Riviera Maya are far more than the ideal landscapes in the Caribbean for your celebration, they are places where a variety of options is at hand… Read More

Mexican Caribbean: home of various Sea Turtles species


how can i get my ex girlfriend back Tweet Extensive predation, the invasion and destruction of natural ecosystems, and global warming have led animal and plant species into oblivion. Concerned by this effect and its possible consequences, many people have decided to take an active part and do what is in their hands to stop… Read More