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The Rosca de Reyes

The traditional Rosca de Reyes

Tweet Christmas season is over and with it, the cuisine delicacies that we have discussed in past entries. Nonetheless, for all of our dear visitors and guests a sweet treat has been offered with hot chocolate or coffee; a baked pastry that is ingrained in many countries and has permeated throughout the layers of corporate… Read More

The Valiant Mexican Adelitas

The Mexican Adelitas

Tweet The first decade of the 20th Century broke loose with turmoil and changes all over the world; the Russian revolution, conflicts from the New Imperialism, and the setting of the WWI were the voice of chaos rising from onto the second decade of the century in which modern society was forged. Mexico might seem… Read More

Important note about tourism in Mexico

how to make your ex want you back “A terrible thing what happened in Acapulco, but that's not Mexico” Written by journalist Alberto Pelaez. February 9th, 2013 What has happened in Acapulco is unspeakable. The rape of six Spaniard women is a matter so serious that the offenders should be persecuted and the full weight… Read More

Maya Museum of Cancun: Culture in paradise.

how can i get my ex girlfriend back The heavenly city of Cancun is a tourist attraction for domestic and international travelers, because of its wonderful beaches, pleasant weather and nightlife. Millions of tourists enjoy this wonderful destination each year, and many of them choose to return often to the Mexican Caribbean. If you are… Read More

Boutique Hotels in Mexico: A different way of staying

Tweet From ancient haciendas to avant-garde facilities, boutique hotels in Mexico are full of surprises that will amaze even the most experienced traveler. Unlike large resorts, boutique hotels are small and intimate, featuring luxury decor and services.

30 Years Making Dreams Come True

Tweet Thirty years is easily said, but when it comes to giving support 24 hours a day to those who visit the Mexican Caribbean, you know that it is actually a hard work, full of challenges, difficulties and great satisfaction. The night of December 15th, Lomas Travel’s 30th Anniversary was celebrated at El Dorado Royale… Read More