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Yucatecan Cuisine: Popular Dishes


how to win back your ex Tweet The Yucatan peninsula, formed by the States of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, is one of the privileged areas in the world whose food is linked to its legends, its landscapes and its history.

Dolphins in your wedding


Tweet  In the past we have talked Cancun and Riviera Maya are great places to spend a vacation, and the perfect scenery to celebrate your wedding. Yet Cancun and Riviera Maya are far more than the ideal landscapes in the Caribbean for your celebration, they are places where a variety of options is at hand… Read More

Mexican Caribbean: home of various Sea Turtles species


how can i get my ex girlfriend back Tweet Extensive predation, the invasion and destruction of natural ecosystems, and global warming have led animal and plant species into oblivion. Concerned by this effect and its possible consequences, many people have decided to take an active part and do what is in their hands to stop… Read More

Curious Facts of the Mayas

how to get your ex back Tweet The ancient Mayan culture contains within its myths and legends a treasure of curious facts that still marvel us: 1. – To them we owe the discovery of chewing gum. They called it “tzicli” and was extracted from the latex of a local tree called “zapote”. 2. –… Read More

El Dorado Spa Resorts and Hotels: The perfect escape

Tweet Imagine to be able to escape with your loved one from stress, routine, work and everyday chaos, and take refuge in a paradise away from the crowds where you could live romantic moments in your own swimming pool, outdoors shower and relaxing Jacuzzi in the privacy of your suite.

El Dorado Hotels: A romantic escape to Riviera Maya

Tweet Who has not dreamed about living romantic days, like in a movie, with their partner in an idyllic beach of the Riviera Maya? You can live the dream at El Dorado Resorts. These resorts are exclusive for adults and specially designed for couples looking to spend their honeymoon or to rekindle their love.

Mayan Year: Yum Kax, the maize god

Tweet Within the Maya pantheon, Yum Kax, also known as Ah Mun, Yum K’aax or Yum Uil is a young deity in charge of controlling the sacred Mayan food: the maize. His youth came along with certain lack of experience, therefore dependent of other god’s will, such as the god of the rain, the god… Read More