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Mayan Year: Yum Kax, the maize god

Yum Kax, the Maize God

Yum Kax, the Maize God

Within the Maya pantheon, Yum Kax, also known as Ah Mun, Yum K’aax or Yum Uil is a young deity in charge of controlling the sacred Mayan food: the maize. His youth came along with certain lack of experience, therefore dependent of other god’s will, such as the god of the rain, the god of the wind, the god of the pests, and the god of the death.

Yum Kax was passive and defenseless, which is why he was constantly attacked by birds and other small animals that were the cause of ruined crops; for this reason, the survival of Yum Kax depended on other deities, such as the god of the rain.

Due to his immaturity, Yum Kax was noble and pure, and he become the third most important god after his father Itzamná and Chaak, who was in charge of protecting him from the dangers that he might face. His most fervent allies on Earth were men, whose rites attracted the rain over the grains, freeing them from weed and driving away pests.

He was represented as a sitting young man holding a corncob between both hands and stylized maize leaves on his head, which, by the way, presented the largest degree of cranial deformation amongst every other deity.

Without a doubt, Yum Kax had a huge responsibility for his lack of experience; however, thanks to the help obtained from men and other

deities such as Chaak, his labor was easier.

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