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An underwater museum in Cancun?

The Underwater Museum in Cancun

The Underwater Museum in Cancun

Have you visited the underwater museum in Cancun yet? There is nothing more interesting than art that can connect the feelings of the observer with those which the artist wanted to convey in his work. Nowhere is this feeling experienced as intensely as in the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), where the sea, the person and art become one.

The MUSA is located in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. It features 403 life-size sculptures which were designed and produced by the renowned English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor with the purpose of creating artificial reefs that would boost the development of the area’s marine life.


interesting thing about this museum is that you can visit it several times and it will never be the same. As time passes by and the development of the reefs increases, the sculptures, the underwater landscape and the local fauna will change.

The underwater museum can be visited by the entire family, from people that have never dived before, whom can do it snorkeling, to certified divers.

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